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          ABOUT US

          Beijing Commercial Sky Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd.(BCSCO), a joint-venture company founded in 1994, is specialized in engineering and production of water treatment related product which can be used in building heating and plumbing system or for environmental protection use.

          BCSCO had always played an important role in the industry. As a member and standing director of China boiler and boiler water treatment association, BCSCO had participated in developing several Chinese national standards such as “Specification for automatic sodium ion exchange” (GB/T 18300-2001) in 1999. Become WQA member since 2000. Registered as one of the fifteen “National Professional Water Treatment Product Companies” with the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau (currently called as State Administration for Market Regulation) in 2002. Joined China District Hearing Association in 2014.

          In 1994, BCSCO introduced the automatic softened water control system from FLECK SYSTEM into China for the first time and applied the system with resin tank to make it more suitable for local conditions.

          In 2000, BCSCO introduced the vacuum degasser and air & dirt separating series products to China, which solved the problems of air resistance and oxygen corrosion that have long plagued HVAC systems.

          In 2008, BCSCO improved the degassing and decontamination products abroad base on the local heating and cooling system, designed and patented the brand new SYSCA automatic refill unit and automatic refill degasser units and SYSCA air/dirt separating series products.

          In 2012, BCSCO participated in drafting of the association standards for air separator, dirt separator and automatic refill degasser.

          Now the SYSCA series products are widely used in domestic central heating systems, central air-conditioning systems and industrial closed-circuit water circulation systems for many well-known projects, such as the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), National Swimming Center (Water Cube), Shanghai World Expo Project, Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3, Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub and so on.

          At the same time, SYSCA series products are exported to European and American countries as well.

          BCSCO had provided solutions and training course for thousands of building designers, HVAC system engineers for decades and won a brilliant reputation.

          Now BCSCO have a professional team with experienced engineers and service people. We all continue to devote ourselves to the water treatment industry and provide the best service to satisfy our customers.

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